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The JordanTBH Management hold no responsibility for your account. The user alone is responsible for the behaviour of their account, and should their account break the forum rules, it will be dealt with in a standard procedure, regardless of whether it was the user using the account, or another individual.

All passwords are vBulletin MD5 encrypted, and although JordanTBH community forums tries its hardest to ensure your personal details are kept safe, JordanTBH community forums holds no responsibility nor guarantee that your details will not be given to third party organisations, should a breach in security occcur.

Once an item (e.g a graphic, a text, a symbol, an article etc.) which has been composed by you has been uploaded/posted/placed anything on any parts of the forum you agree what you just posted is now able to be displayed or posted by Jordan Couzens - Community Forums, and it's sister sites and you automatically give us the authority to use this information, posts or uploads at any time without user consent or naming the user.

By using the Personal Messaging system (PM) you agree that JordanTBH community forums are allowed to read your Private Messages sent between users of the forum to make sure the forum Rules are being followed correctly.

Access to the services provided by JordanTBH community forums or JordanTBH is given at the complete discretion of Management. Access to these services can be terminated at any time, for any or no reason & Jordan Couzens - Community Forums Management may terminate/modify/ban your access to the service, and remove special features at any time without notice.

JordanTBH community forums reserves the right to remove, close, edit, merge, delete or make changes to your threads and/or posts, for example, removal of rule-breaking content by our Moderation Team. By using the services offered by Jordan Couzens - Community Forums, you automatically agree to follow these rules, regardless of if they are read or understood. Management will hold no responsibility for the understanding (or lack of) that a user may have of these rules. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse to break them, and users who decide to breach the rules outlined will have their access to these services either limited, or terminated completely.

Remember, being able to use this forum is privilege, not a right. We're able to deny the privilage of using this forum to any user who fails to agree to anything which is listed above.
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